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Welcome to Bouchard Farms

Bouchard Farms,

formerly known as the Nunn Farm, is located in Commerce, Georgia on Interstate 85 North at Exit 147. Today the farm is owned by Dr. James L. Bouchard and his wife, Karen. The farm property is a step back in time amidst the surrounding industrial development. Farming still exists here. The Bouchards grow produce year-round with organic methods, along with raising chickens to feed their family and others. We welcome you to the farm as you visit our site and hope you learn more about us, this community, and the importance of giving back in your own community.

A Master Plan

We have a 20-year master plan of development to meet the growing needs of the community. There are many phases to this master plan and the first phase of development is currently underway.

In Dr. Bouchard’s own words…

“My wife and I are happy to now be living full-time on the farm, We want to enjoy our life, but we also want to provide a place that would serve the community needs. I’ve owned the Commerce property for over 30 years, learning farming and love of the land from Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Nunn, who became treasured friends. What is built on this property will respect the land in allowing green space and will be of value for the Commerce community, as a gateway to the historical city of Commerce.”

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