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Historic Nunn Farm

The farm was established as a dairy farm by Ernest and Mary Nunn in 1931. The Nunns raised four children and were a vital part of the Commerce community. When the Nunns decided to sell the farm in 1978, the Bouchards gave them a life-time estate so they could continue to live and work the farm they had created as long as they were able. Throughout those years, Mr. Nunn taught Dr. Bouchard everything he needed to know to keep the dream alive and to prosper.

The biggest lesson learned from Mr. Nunn was the importance of giving back and providing for the community. This lesson led the Bouchards to start The Bouchard Foundation in 2016. The Bouchard Foundation is a 501(c)3 whose mission is to support the Jackson County, Georgia community and the surrounding areas through charitable giving.

Enjoy looking through the pictures here of the farm from the early years to the present time. Wow, how things have changed! But, still giving back and providing to the community!