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Property Development
Over the years, the Bouchards have expanded the farm with surrounding properties, along with a few sites outside of the area, where Dr. Bouchard once practiced medicine. Now that the Bouchards are retired, their plans of developing the farm in such a way that provides perpetual existence and funding for their Foundation for many years to come has become the focus.

There have been many conceptual plans for the farmland over the years, but as we all know local ordinances, zoning regulations, and the current economic conditions dictate how many of those concepts become a reality. We have seen a lot of changes since the Bouchards bought the property in 1978 and know there will be many more. In the end, our desire is that everyone benefits from whatever is developed here, whether it be agricultural, commercial, industrial, or residential.

034 004 – 115 Nunn Road

034 013 – Lords Mill Road

047 027 – Lords Mill Road

047 029 – Lords Mill Road

047  019 C&D – Lords Mill Road

047 020 – Lords Mill Road

034 002A1 – 524 Nunn Road

034 002G – Nunn Road

034 002M – Nunn Road

053 173 – Hwy 17 & I-85 S

053 – 176 Hwy 17 & I-85 S

053 177 – Hwy 17 & I-85 S

053 – 177C Hwy 17 & Caudell Dr.

Bouchard Farms Wellness Development Concept Plan

Mixed Use Business Development Concept Plan

Mixed Use Residential & Business Concept Plan

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